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  • Residential and Commercial Transactions

  • Quick and Efficient Turnaround & Response Times

  • Client Support

  • Safe and Secure Closing Software

  • Safe and Secure Escrow Accounting System

  • Facilitate Closings via The Remote Online Notary System in Multiple Languages

  • Short Sale Processing

  • Loan Modifications

  • Foreclosure Assistance

  • Community Resources For First Time Homebuyers

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When you purchase a home and it is being financed, a lender will be involved. The lender ultimately approves your loan and issues a set of conditions that need to be met in order to close the loan. We, as the closing agent/title company work closely with the lender to ensure these conditions are met. Lenders ultimately create and deliver the Closing Disclosure (CD), the document which contains all the numbers related to the transaction; however, a title company plays an integral role in helping the lender prepare the CD.


The buyer’s and seller’s real estate agents stay in close communication with their client(s) and help the title company gather information as needed. While a title company is performing a title search and gathering documentation from other parties, the buyer’s and seller’s agents are coordinating an inspection of the property and, if needed, negotiating adjustments to the final purchase price and closing date. If any title issues surface in the title search, the title company works with the seller and both agents to address and cure the issues prior to closing.

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